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Dr. Hong Wang


Dr. Hong Wang is driven to succeed in all she does. Before becoming a dentist, Dr. Wang was an environmental engineer. She spent her days looking at a computer screen and working with data, and she felt like the human connection was missing. Dr. Wang discovered her love for dentistry and decided to change careers. In her own words, "Dentistry combined my love for people and my love of working with hands as an engineer."

Dr. Hong Wang earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree at the University of Texas, School of Dentistry at Houston. Now the owner of her own practice, she has created a dental practice dedicated to ethical, patient-oriented care. Dr. Wang enjoys connecting with her patients and making them feel at ease in her office.

She loves to spend time with her husband and two children, Victor and Vivian, in her spare time. Dr. Wang is an avid Houston Astros fan.

Accessible Dentistry for All

Dr. Hong Wang founded our new and modern practice in early 2022. It was specifically designed for state-of-the-art care in a relaxing, calm atmosphere. When you visit, you can enjoy a complimentary beverage, warm blanket, or even choose to watch television during your procedure (to help take your mind off things.) We also offer nitrous oxide sedation upon request.

Today, she makes proactive and prevention-based dentistry available to patients of all ages and backgrounds. That includes using state-of-the-art digital technology for earlier diagnostic care and minimally-invasive treatments.

SoulCrusher 211SoulCrusher 211
23:49 02 Nov 22
I’m a new patient at Ventana Family Dental. Scheduling was so easy and they were very helpful in me rescheduling. My appointment was today and went right on time. I was able to do the forms online so there was no waiting. The office was very nice and clean. I’m also pregnant so they were attentive to taking good care of me. They kept checking on me during my cleaning process to make sure I was okay. No hidden fees, they discussed everything with me up front. Front staff, X-ray tech and dentist were fabulous. So thankful for them getting my teeth healthy again, will return.
Chad PrattChad Pratt
23:56 01 Sep 22
Dr Wang and her team are outstanding, personable, and inviting.I visited yesterday for a consultation as a new patient who wanted an improved smile.Within half an hour of the start of my appointment, they had a plan put together for me and were able to start same day. I had several hours of work complete and they were very careful to ensure I was comfortable the entire time.Here I am, day 2 of the work being done and I have no regrets… No lingering pain or discomfort. I have at least a few more appointments to go, and I’m surprised to say that I’m actually looking forward to them!I am ecstatic that I found this office, and I absolutely recommend Dr Wang to everyone!
Janeesa StevensonJaneesa Stevenson
23:26 26 Aug 22
Saul provided a excellent experience! its a very clean & comforting location. Saul and Dr.Wang are very welcoming to anyone and took time out to explain everything they were going to proceed with. On top of that they have very good payment plans for cleaning and braces! Overall a great location. Thanks Saul and Dr.Wang for the amazing experience. 10/10 Recommend.
Alex zhaoAlex zhao
03:44 21 Jun 22
An excellent experience! Dr. Wang is very knowledgable and patience. Exactly know what is she doing and get the job done with highly responsibilty!Place is clean and brighten, every worker is nice and helpful!recommendation 10/10
22:44 12 Jun 22
The best Dental ever go!! New building and clean environment! Strong recommend!! I need to go to work at 10:00am. They are open at 8:00am which is really nice! Dr Wang is really nice and professional. I make a deep clean and several crowns for my teeth. She give me a really good deal. I definitely will move my daughter‘s dental care here. Luckily to find this dental. 👍👍👍

Dental Services

Fillings, Root Canals etc.

Discover the global city—filled inspiration, opportunities to explore.

Teeth Whitening, Crowns, Braces etc.

Discover the global city—filled inspiration, opportunities to explore.

Broken & Chipped Teeth

Discover the global city—filled inspiration, opportunities to explore.

Checkups & cleaning

Routine Checkups

To keep your smile healthy, plan a preventative-care visit every six months. During your appointment, Dr. Wang will examine each of your teeth, soft tissues, and existing dental work. Our goal is to help provide you with the information you need to keep your natural smile healthy for life.

Even with great brushing and flossing, most of us experience a little buildup on our teeth between visits. We'll use this time to professionally remove any calcified tartar and clean hard-to-reach spaces that your toothbrush doesn't. After your preventative cleaning, we'll also polish your teeth to remove surface stains.

looking before we leap

Digital X-Rays

Screening for tooth decay (cavities), bone loss, and wisdom teeth have never been easier. Our digital X-rays provide quick, high-resolution imaging that allows us to share our findings with you in a matter of seconds. Digital X-rays use minimal radiation compared to traditional methods most people grew up with.

Every new patient will receive a full mouth series of films. We use these images as a baseline to evaluate and assess changes in your oral health as time goes by.

Our office also invested in a digital portable X-ray machine, allowing us to better serve the needs of our patients by making care more accessible.

early detection for a quick resolution

Oral Cancer Screenings

Sun exposure, viruses, and certain lifestyle factors can increase a healthy person's risk of developing oral cancer. Unfortunately, it's often too difficult to self-diagnose until it reaches a pronounced stage of the disease.

The good news is that as your dentist, Dr. Wang is intently assessing your oral tissues at every checkup. We provide oral cancer screenings on each new patient to examine for abnormal tissues as early as possible. The earlier precancerous or abnormal cells are detected, the better the treatment outcome is.

live an active life

Sports & Occlusal Mouthguards

Your teeth are strong, but they aren't indestructible. By preventing accidental chipping or wear in your enamel, you can extend the lifetime of your smile and existing dental work.

Our custom mouthguards for athletes cut down on emergencies like knocked-out or broken teeth, as well as concussions.

Similarly, custom bite guards allow you to sleep without grinding your teeth so tightly that it causes fractures or TMJ disorder.

Professionally-fitted mouthguards and bite splints offer maximum protection and comfort.