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Tooth Extraction

We specialise in comfortable tooth extractions

Whenever a tooth is severely damaged and reaches a point where it's non-restorable, removing it may be the best solution. Sometimes dental extractions are also recommended because of pain, emergencies, or chronic gum disease. Dr. Wang will work with you to create a tooth replacement plan to limit any impact on your surrounding smile.

What may cause the need for a Tooth Extraction

Got questions about tooth extractions?

Once we've ascertained that a tooth needs to be extracted, we numb the area around the tooth with local anaesthetic. Then we'll gently loosen the tooth at the root. If there is too much damage along the gum line or the tooth has a particular deep root, we'll make incisions into the gum to further loosen the tooth. Then we'll pluck the tooth from the root. 

We use local anaesthetic and check that the area is truly numb before we proceed. You'll feel some pressure in your mouth during the procedure but not searing pain and you'd imagine when thinking of a tooth extraction. 

We use multiple anaesthetic injections delivered to the gums and the area around the tooth. 

We don't use general anaesthetic but have Nitrous Oxide on hand to stack the pain relief. 

Yes, we have a few options from complete tooth replacements (tooth implants) to Dental Bridges. Dental bridges don't screw into your jaw like implants, instead the bridge spans existing teeth on either side of the extracted one.

Ventana Family Dental accepts most dental insurance benefits, including some that are not in-network. Our treatment coordinators will review your policy and coverage specifications to provide you with a detailed cost estimate.