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Bridges v/s Dental Implants

Trying to decide between a dental bridge or implant? In many cases, the choice is a personal one. Do the teeth on either side of your missing one need added reinforcement? Are they heavily restored with existing dental fillings?

If so, a fixed traditional bridge can benefit your smile. But perhaps those teeth are completely healthy, with no existing restorations; in those scenarios, a dental implant may be more appropriate.

We can also pair bridges and dental implants together to anchor 3-4 unit dental bridges where there are more than one or two missing teeth. Implant-supported bridges are a great alternative to wearing a removable partial denture.

Timely Dental Bridges maintain natural tooth spacing

Got questions about bridges and dental implants?

A dental bridge is a multi-tooth restoration made to fill in the space created by missing teeth. They are essentially a set of 3-4 dental crowns that span across open areas in your smile, "bridging" the area where your teeth once stood. The crowns on either end are bonded on top of adjacent teeth.

Candidates for a dental bridge will have only one or two teeth that are missing, and the neighboring teeth must be relatively healthy.

Are there any advantages to getting a dental bridge? Aside from aesthetics, there are functional concerns to keep in mind. Losing a tooth creates excess spacing in your smile, which can lead to:

  • Shifting or tilting in neighboring teeth
  • Tooth misalignment throughout your smile
  • "Super-eruption" of the opposing tooth
  • An increase in cavities, gum disease, and enamel wear

Placing a dental bridge soon after you lose a tooth helps to maintain natural tooth spacing. In turn, these side-effects of tooth loss can be prevented or minimized.

Installing dental bridges or veneers aren't a painful procedure, we have Nitrous Oxide on hand in case you feel some discomfort. 

In preparation of the teeth for a dental bridge, we may use local anaesthetic depending on whether the tooth is damaged and needs more than a simple drilling.

A more permanent alternative to Bridges and Veneers are a full tooth replacement. This is more invasive as the replacement tooth screws into your jaw. In most cases a Bridge or Veneer would achieve the result you seek.